TOO LATE - Opening Weekend Box Office Announcement


Kodak Teams With Indie Film TOO LATE  
for an Exclusively 35mm Release

LA noir tale starring John Hawkes 
will be in theaters only on 35mm starting March 18th


Los Angeles, March 16, 2016 – In an age where straight-to-VOD, token day-and-date theatrical, and low quality digital projection have all become the norm, the filmmakers behind TOO LATE are throwing down the gauntlet in order to resurrect the cinematic experience. Writer/Director Dennis Hauck’s new film will be released exclusively on 35mm beginning March 18th in Los Angeles before expanding nationwide throughout April and May. There will be no DCP bookings. 

The film, starring John Hawkes and featuring an ensemble cast that includes Crystal Reed, Robert Forster, Dichen Lachman, Rider Strong, and Natalie Zea, follows a private investigator tasked with tracking down a missing woman from his own past. The story unfolds in a series of extremely long unbroken shots, upwards of 20 minutes each, believed to be the longest takes on 35mm in cinema history.

This release is made possible by a partnership between the film’s distributors, Vanishing Angle and Foe Killer Films, and the industry’s largest supporters of the photochemical filmmaking process, Eastman Kodak and Fotokem. Both Kodak and Fotokem are providing affordable solutions to the filmmakers that will allow audiences to experience the film on 35mm as intended. Beyond an enriched viewing experience, the four companies hope to encourage other independent filmmakers to not only shoot on film, but exhibit on it as well.

“There is nothing like watching a movie on a film print in a theatre,” says Kodak’s President of Motion Picture and Entertainment Steve Bellamy. “I don’t care if we get to a million K in digital resolution, there is simply nothing like the real thing, and so many astute consumers are understanding this now.  Only 4% of THE HATEFUL EIGHT theaters projected on film, but those theaters generated 23% of the total revenue.  When you take out the first week that was solely film projection, those theaters projecting on film still generated 17% of the revenue. That is greater than a 400% move.”

Says Writer/Director Hauck, “It’s absolute insanity that so many theaters decided to throw their beautiful, state-of-the-art film projectors into the dumpster in favor of digital projectors with less resolution than a typical smart phone. Most digital projectors are already outdated and in need of replacement. Meanwhile, film has never needed an upgrade. Today’s digital cameras and projectors will be replaced every few years, but a 100 year old film camera can still produce a state-of-the-art image with a fresh roll of film.”

“It is really fantastic that a new generation of young, artful motion picture artists are not only producing low budget movies on film, but then projecting on film as well,” says Bellamy. “We couldn’t be more proud to support TOO LATE on their bold theatrical release.” 

TOO LATE is written and directed by Dennis Hauck, produced by Hauck, Alexandra Barreto and Taylor Feltner, co-produced by Matt Miller and Erich Lochner, with music by Robert Allaire and performances by Sally Jaye and John Hawkes, and cinematography by Bill Fernandez.  The film stars Crystal Reed, Dash Mihok, Rider Strong, John Hawkes, Vail Bloom, Jeff Fahey, Robert Forster, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Dichen Lachman, Sally Jaye, Natalie Zea, and Joanna Cassidy. TOO LATE is being distributed by Vanishing Angle and Foe Killer Films.