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New York, NY (October 2, 2013) – Producers Tony Mancilla and Aubin Paul announced the official launch of Lege Artis, a LA and NY based film finance and production company uniquely structured to support upcoming filmmakers through a fiscally responsible and contained slate model. Their focus is within a controlled one to three million dollar budget range per film in order to launch the careers of emerging writers and directors. The company plans to fully finance and produce two to three films annually in addition to co-financing one to three independent feature films yearly. Lege Artis’s structure is designed to use a range of related investments in order to ensure more reliable returns and provide protection against downside risk.

Lege Artis develops feature films and opens its doors to curating projects to the interest of established actors by matching them with appropriate scripts and upcoming filmmakers. A board of advisors made up of leaders in independent cinema helps approve projects and then consults on creative decisions in relation to their effect on the targeted market of each film. This approach is designed to empower actors and filmmakers to hone in their creativity and consciousness of the market as well as receive producer credits on a case by case basis. Mancilla and Paul are also focused on establishing socially responsible filmmaking as a tenet of their business. They will utilize their extensive experience in philanthropy to create partnerships with charities to help raise awareness of issues important to the filmmakers.

In addition to financing and producing films, Lege Artis will produce an online film journal, Le Nouveau Cahier, based on the original publications on film in France, Cahier du Cinema. The journal will be an online platform documenting the behind the scenes activities for each film, including interviews with the cast and crew, behind the scenes videos, and will showcase various aspects of the pre-production, production, and post-production stages. This medium will allow them to provide unparalleled and honest visibility and into the independent production process and internally initiate viral campaigns prior to the execution of the production.

"The industry is proving more and more that betting on the upside with unique and marketable low budget films is a smart and prestigious career strategy for both veterans and upcoming filmmakers and actors. We are encouraging actors to be there from the start with upcoming filmmakers who have the stories they want, and we reassure them of a level of quality and results by bringing in industry veterans to hone in the creativity to the market in which each film exists" said Tony Mancilla and Aubin Paul.

Rob Barnum, advisory board member and producer said, "Every year, the world is introduced to amazing new filmmakers that bring us compelling and powerful stories... and I always imagine, how many great voices are we completely overlooking. What Tony and Aubin are bringing to the community is integral to helping us find more of those voices. Lege Artis model of supporting first time filmmakers is equally bold and important and I'm thrilled to help them where I can."

Lege Artist is currently developing three debut features in 2014, one horror/thriller with producer and advisor Lindsay Lanzillotta, one female comedy entitled Fairly Certain with advisor Fred Fuchs, and a coming of age and heart of America drama. Details regarding the films and their cast and crew will be announced in the lead up to AFM.

Tony and Aubin just wrapped a week at the Toronto International Film Festival meeting with actors, filmmakers, and financiers regarding upcoming projects.

About Lege Artis

Lege Artis is an independent film finance and production company fostering emerging talent and advancing our generation’s filmmakers in order to minimize inefficiencies and create a sophisticated, sustainable, and profitable independent film market for the future. Lege Artis are changing things up by creating cinema with a “no-ego” approach in order to produce content that is true to the vision of our filmmakers and our team, and with a deep understanding of the film market in order to create a company that will help great films succeed critically and commercially.

With a slate of 16 films over 5 years, Lege Artis will create a library value with disciplined growth and profits while maintaining a sensitive approach to our filmmakers and their markets.