Thure Lindhardt and Zachary Booth to Star in Ira Sachs’ “Keep The Lights On”


New York, NY (August 2nd, 2011) - Keep the Light On Inc. announced today that Thure Lindhardt (Angels & Demons) and Zachary Booth (Todd Solondz's upcoming Dark Horse and "Damages") will star in Ira Sachs' KEEP THE LIGHTS ON, a frank and emotional drama about two men in a decade-long relationship in New York City.

(Read Variety's start of production story here: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118040760?refCatId=4076&query=keep+the+lights+on)

KEEP THE LIGHTS ON, which began production on July 28th, also features a strong supporting cast including Julianne Nicholson (Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," Kinsey), Justin Reinsilber (Supernatural), Souleymane Sy Savane (Goodbye Solo) and Paprika Steen (The Celebration, Applause).

Telling a story that spans a decade, KEEP THE LIGHTS ON begins in 1997, when documentary filmmaker Erik Rothman (Thure Lindhardt) first meets Paul Lucy (Zachary Booth), a closeted and handsome lawyer in the publishing field. What begins as a highly charged first encounter, however, soon becomes something much more, and a relationship develops. Though the two men quickly move in and start building a home together, each continues to privately battle their own compulsions and addictions. A film about sex, friendship, intimacy, and most of all, love, KEEP THE LIGHTS ON is a film that looks honestly - with the lights on -- at the nature of relationships in our times.

Ira Sachs said, "I got into filmmaking in order to tell very personal stories, and in this day and age, the opportunity seems all the more precious. With this fearless cast and talented crew, I think we have a real chance to make an emotionally honest film audiences will respond to."

Thure Lindhardt is an acclaimed and award-winning Danish actor whose breakthrough came with his portrayal of an autistic boy in A Place Nearby. His other notable screen credits include Into the Wild, Flame & Citron, Angels & Demons. He also played 'Hamlet' in the acclaimed production at the Kronborg Castle in Elsinore.

Zachary Booth is a renowned stage and screen actor whose notable credits include FX's "Damages," Taking Woodstock, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, the Craig Lucas play "Prayer for My Enemy" and the Edward Albee play "Me, Myself & I."

Award-winning director Ira Sachs co-wrote KEEP THE LIGHTS ON with Mauricio Zacharias, screenwriter of the acclaimed Madame Satã. Sachs previously directed the Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning Forty Shades of Blue, starring Rip Torn and Dina Korzun, and Married Life, with Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Rachel McAdams.

Sachs is a producer of KEEP THE LIGHTS ON along with Lucas Joaquin and Marie Therese Guirgis. The executive producers are Ali Betil, Jawal Nga, and Parts and Labor partners Jay Van Hoy and Lars Knudsen.

A 2012 festival premiere is planned for KEEP THE LIGHTS ON.