Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Tuesday estimated results - Global GBO $689.2M to date


Star Wars: The Force Awakens estimated results for Tuesday December 22:


Dom:  $37.3M

Represents 15% of the weekend


Int’l:  $41.3M

Represents 17% of the weekend


GLOBAL:  $78.6M

Represents 16% of the weekend


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cumulative performance to date:


Dom GBO:                          $325.4M


Int’l GBO:                            $364.0M


GLOBAL GBO:                    $689.4M


  •         Star Wars: The Force Awakens has crossed $300M domestically in record time.
  •         Tuesday’s Domestic gross of $37.3M beats the previous record Tuesday posted by The Amazing Spider-Man of $35.0M by 7%.


International cume to date by territory


                                    Cume to Date

United Kingdom         $68.2M

Germany                     $36.1M

France                         $25.3M

Australia                      $25.3M

Japan                           $18.3M

Russia                          $14.0M

Mexico                        $13.9M

Italy                             $11.4M

Spain                           $11.4M

Brazil                           $10.9M

Korea                          $9.3M

Sweden                       $8.2M

Poland                         $5.7M

Other                           $99.5M

Total                            $364.0M


Key future international openings


Jan. 9, 2016                 China