AT&T Launches New Experiment In Mobile-First, Ephemeral Entertainment 


Series Debuts Q1 2015


LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 28, 2015 – AT&T is set to launch the first scripted entertainment series on Snapchat, the ephemeral social platform that is changing the way Millennials communicate. As part of the leading communications company’s continued foray into creative content development, AT&T presents SnapperHero — the first scripted Snapchat series where real-time, immediate engagement meets a fun superhero universe. Tapping top influencers across Snapchat, Vine and YouTube to engage their massive fan bases, these social media stars and their audience will play a hands on role in shaping the creative direction of the show.


Influencers and stars of the show include Anna Akana (The Foster; Hello, My Name is Dorris; Monsters), Freddie Wong (Video Game High School), Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time), Jasmeet Singh (JusReign), Simone Shepherd (Hell Date; What The Funny), and Shaun McBride (Shonduras) who will also serve as Creative Director. Joining as series directors are one of YouTube’s most popular crazy action and visual effects video teams, Corridor Digital, which has over 3.2 million YouTube subscribers.


By sending a call to action to their massive followings, influencers will build the SnapperHero world around fan input on superhero identities, enemies, costumes, origin stories and plotlines. The series will then roll out with 12 episodes over a 4 week period beginning in early 2015 with all content living primarily on Snapchat.


SnapperHero was developed by producer Billy Parks and UTA Digital Media Agent Kendall Ostrow in collaboration with AT&T. Previously, AT&T and Parks collaborated on @SummerBreak, the innovative social media series that reimagined the reality show for a Millennial audience and over two seasons earned more than 60 million views  – 15.3 million views in its first season and 49.08 million views in its second season – 30 million social engagements and 1.6 billion impressions.


"We want to produce and foster entertainment that engages the connected generation where they live," said AT&T Engagement Marketing Director Liz Nixon. "We saw great success in using Snapchat to engage our @SummerBreak audience and we're excited to build on that with a Snapchat-centric series that truly empowers influencers. We're proud to venture into this new territory and innovate branded entertainment for social media in ways that are authentic to the influencers and their platforms.”  


"AT&T has proven to be a great collaborator, recognizing the potential to push the envelope in original content and change the way narrative has traditionally been consumed," said Parks. "The opportunity to allow a passionate audience to drive the story with influencers at the helm is beyond exciting."


“Influencer-driven content like SnapperHero is just the beginning of what’s to come in the world of real-time content,” said George Strompolos, CEO of Fullscreen, Inc. “We’re excited to explore the future of video consumption with a forward-thinking, creative collaborator like AT&T.” The SnapperHero series is being produced by Fullscreen and Astronauts Wanted.


To amplify the experience beyond Snapchat and drive engagement across social platforms, AT&T will share exclusive behind-the-scenes content—taking fans on an immersive adventure with the cast and the crew. The SnapperHero series is being produced by Fullscreen and Astronauts Wanted.


To connect with SnapperHero across social media, follow on Snapchat @SnapperHero; Twitter @SnapperHero; and Instagram @SnapperHero.