“Racing Patriots” Director Eric Stoltz

“Racing Patriots” Director Eric Stoltz


Samuel Le Bihan to Star in the True Story of Grand Prix Champions Trained by Churchill's Special Operations Unit as Spies and Saboteurs to Lead the French Resistance During the Nazi Occupation

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 5, 2010) – Producers and brothers Dana MacDuff and Brandon MacDuff’s Oakdale Pictures, Producer Patrice Bonneyrat’s Durendal Media Pictures, Inc., Producer Laurent Tolleron’s Cartel Productions (Paris, France), Producer Pierre Morel (“Banlieue 13”, “Taken”, “From Paris with Love”), and four time Emmy Winning Producer Jarratt Carson have signed Actor/Director Eric Stoltz (“Caprica”, “Mask”, “Killing Zoe”, “Memphis Belle”) to direct “Racing Patriots”, a feature film written by Frederic Helmer and based on a story by Dana and Brandon MacDuff.

French actor Samuel Le Bihan (“Brotherhood of the Wolf”, “Jet Set”, “He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not”) will be playing the role of “Robert Benoist.”

Action-packed, full of intrigue, adventure, patriotism and sacrifice, “Racing Patriots” is the story of three race car drivers from that wild and wooly era of Grand Prix racing before World War II. Two were French and one was English, but all were champions and heroes to the French people.

“A story with real life people who were more courageous and flamboyant than any fictional characters,” said Patrice Bonneyrat, Producer.

Winston Churchill instituted the Special Operations Executive (SOE) to recruit and train undercover operatives to go deep inside enemy held territories to disrupt and sabotage the Nazis in expectation of the liberation of Europe. This is a tale of their exploits, under the noses of the Gestapo and brilliant Nazi anti-terrorist experts during the nightmare of occupation.

“Racing Patriots”, will be a French/American/Indian co-production, filmed in France, England, and the Czech Republic with principal photography to begin in Winter 2011. “This is the story of great French patriotism by courageous men, their families and many others who risked everything to free their beloved country from the clutches of Nazism,” said Brandon MacDuff, Producer.

“Racing Patriots” is attracting an A-list roster of talent behind the camera already, including: Director of Photography Michel Abramowicz (“The Thing”, “From Paris with Love”, “Taken”), Production Designer Hugues Tissandier (“The Messenger”, “The Dinner Game”, “The Visitors”), Special Effects Supervisor Mark Weatherbe (“Sherlock Holmes”, “Dark Mirror”, “Sands of Oblivion”) Stunt/Performer/Coordinator and Fight Choreographer Olivier Schneider (“Unknown White Male”, “Public Enemy #1”, “Rush Hour 3”, ) Picture Car/Motorcycle Coordinator Justin Kell (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull”, “Star Trek XI”, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra”) and Robert Malachowski.

Famed race car driver and star of the TV show "Victory by Design" Alain de Cadenet will serve as a technical advisor.

The three main characters are: “William Grover-Williams,” an Englishman living in Paris, World Champion and winner of the first Monaco Grand Prix in 1929, “Robert Benoist,” the great Delage / Bugatti driver, WW1 flying ace and 1927 World Champion and “Jean Pierre Wimille,” the great Bugatti driver and winner of the 1937 and 1939 24 Hours of Le Mans. Casting for these main characters will begin in September 2011. In addition, the international cast of characters includes strong female true-life heroines “Violette Szabo” (French/English), “Princess Noor Inayat Khan” (Indian/American), “Virginia Hall” (American), “Violette Morris” (French) and “Mathilde Carré” (French).

“The world as those three racing drivers knew it was changed on 14 June of 1940, when Hitler’s army marched on Paris. Our heroes loved France and this was something that they could not and would not allow to happen without a fight,” commented Dana MacDuff, Producer.


Star of “Racing Patriots” Samuel Le Bihan

Star of “Racing Patriots” Samuel Le Bihan

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