Los Angeles, U.S – 10 June 2014 Pulse Films is excited to announce the worldwide signing of multi-faceted director duo Ben &Katja to its roster of commercial directors.

Brooklyn, NYC based Ben Sinclair and KatjaBlichfeldhave formed a unique writer/director and production partnership as seen on their original web-series High Maintenance, which has already been heralded by the likes of The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Indiewire. The pair recently announced a financing deal with Vimeo that will see High Maintenance become Vimeo on Demand's first directly funded original programming series.

"Despite its D.I.Y. origins High Maintenance doesn’t feel like a self-indulgent pet project—instead, it’s more like a shoebox that opens into Narnia. Freed of the constraints of thirty-minute or one-hour formulas, the episodes are luxurious and twisty and humane, radiating new ideas about storytelling." - Emily Nussbaum, The New Yorker

Best known for her work on NBC’s critically acclaimed series 30 Rock and the CW’s The Carrie Diaries, Blichfeld is an Emmy-winning casting director, whilst Sinclair, who also stars in High Maintenance is also an actor and editor. As a duo they have been praised for their masterful storytelling, natural humour and have been celebrated for their trailblazing approach to the web series format.

“We are so excited to be working with Ben &Katja, it’s rare to find such fresh and original voices able to produce such a refined type of comedy. When we came across ‘High Maintenance’ we were all blown away – it’s modern, playful yet so poignant. They are able to tap into themes and characters that are so relevant in today’s landscape yet do it without a heavy hand or pushing through overtly simplified stereotypes. Ben &Katja’s natural ability to reflect society through a simple premise, attentive casting and superb comedic writing leaves me with no doubt that the future for them is extremely bright” - Thomas Benski, CEO – Pulse Films

“Thomas' passion for forward-thinking media was definitely very attractive to us. Pulse is known for fostering emerging talent and finding ways to maintain the artist's voice, even whilst participating in commerce. We plan to bring sophisticated, subtlety humorous, and character-driven content that subverts expectations to our commercial and branded content work. Something we recognized early on while working in the overcrowded Internet space is that it's necessary to lower the viewer's barrier to entry. Our hope is to keep making short "snackable" stories with satisfying conclusions that leave the viewer wanting more”- Ben Sinclair &KatjaBlichfeld

"A lot of American comedy plays to the lowest common denominator. What I loved about Ben &Katja's work is that it aims higher and gives the audience a lot of credit. It's smart, it's irreverent, and it’s real. The casting and performances are spot on. Timing is perfect. Katja's experience as a casting director and Ben's as an actor and editor inform every nuance of the show. Their point of view will translate incredibly well to the advertising market. " - Kira Carstensen, Executive Producer and President of Commercials - Pulse Films

Watch more work by Ben &Katja: http://www.pulsefilms.com/directors/los-angeles/commercials/ben-katja

For more info please contact can.salahi@pulsefilms.co.uk and/or james.hopkins@pulsefilms.co.uk