Los Angeles, CA, July 30, 2014 Novus Content film distribution releases “Freeway: Crack in the System” on October 17, 2014, a documentary film directed by award winning filmmaker Marc Levin of Blowback Productions. “Freeway: Crack in the System”, for which the upcoming feature film “Kill the Messenger” (October 10, 2014 release) starring Jeremy Renner, Ray Liota and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is based on, documents the fascinating life of one of the most well-known drug lords in America and the U.S. government’s complicity in the sale of drugs in the black community during the 1980’s.

Illiterate as a young adult, Freeway Rick Ross became the drug kingpin of Los Angeles, and later other U.S. cities, selling up to 3 million dollars of crack per day, ravaging the black community. Creating an unprecedented crack cocaine selling dynasty, Ross purchased cocaine from top Nicaraguan drug traffickers, which in turn financially supported the Nicaraguan Contras fight against communism in Nicaragua, while the U.S. government turned a blind eye to illegal Nicaraguan drug sales in America. Incarcerated with a Federal life sentence for purchasing 100 kilos of cocaine in an undercover set-up by the Feds, Ross learned to read in jail and discovered a legal loop hole that became the ticket for his release from jail after serving 20 years. During Ross’ jail time and without his authority, rapper “Rick Ross” assumed Ross’ illustrious name and established an extremely successful music career under the auspices of being “Rick Ross”. Currently, Freeway Rick Ross is making amends to the community he once hurt by encouraging literacy to at-risk youth through speaking engagements and outreach programs.

Highly anticipated, “Freeway: Crack in the System” will open in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York City, Oakland, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston on October 17, 2014. Located in Santa Monica, California, Novus Content is a newly formed cutting-edge distribution company that approaches film distribution with the filmmaker in mind. Their mission statement is to implement a strategic, multi-platform release strategy for the filmmaker. This month Novus will also be releasing "Border Break", a nail-biting thriller based on actual events staring Denise Williamson, George Cisnero, Cory Hart and Christian Gallegos, and "Gerald Kelly Live On Broadway" where comic Gerald Kelly, whom Russell Simmons says, “is the funniest comic in the nation”, brings big laughs from the Bronx to the big lights of Broadway in this stand-up special.