MovieTickets.com reports that Fifty Shades of Grey is apparently not just about a Girls Night Out at the movies.  It’s also a pretty hot date film with Valentine’s Day (2/14) accounting for 42.3% of sales, Friday night (2/13) reaching 28.3%, and Thursday pre-shows (2/12) at 14.5%.


Fifty Shades of Grey is currently trending #1 at MovieTickets.com with 75% of all tickets sold by the company in the last 24 hours being for the film. For the most current data, be sure to check the company website’s “Trending Now” feature found at www.movietickets.com. You can also follow the company on Twitter for updates as well:@MovieTickets.


Last week, MovieTickets.com, a leading global provider of remote movie ticketing, announced that the number of tickets sold by the company in January 2015 were up 37% over January 2014. The extraordinary first month figures are led by advance ticket sales of Fifty Shades of Grey and American Sniper.


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