Los Angeles – September 3, 2014Maker Studios, a next-generation media and technology company and the world’s largest provider of online video content for millennials, today announced their newest original series “Meet Me at The Reck” will premiere on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 on Maker.tv, hosted by rocker Andrew W.K.

A six-part family series, “Meet Me at The Reck” follows Andrew and his band of kids—better known as “reckers,” as they explore what it means to celebrate the importance of using your imagination. With the help of special guests including Jack Black (SCHOOL OF ROCK), Zach Woods (“Silicon Valley,” “The Office”), digital superstar Joseph Garrett aka Stampylonghead, YouTube artist Mary Gutfleisch aka Mary Doodles, comedian Bobby Lee, pro-skateboarder Eric Koston, guitar legend Matt Sweeney and NASA scientist Michael Meacham ("NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory"), “Meet Me at The Reck” is an exploration of childhood, and a guide to being a kid in the world of possibilities.

“Hosting ‘Meet Me at The Reck’ was so much fun for me,” said Andrew W.K. “The kids and characters I got to hang out with were all amazing people—we all got to run around and go crazy together and we were able to meet special guests who showed us how to make really cool projects. It's a very advanced party time with some very advanced party friends!”

“We are eager to bring this fun, family experience to our audience featuring Maker talent partners along with stars across traditional entertainment, sports, science and more,” said Michael Ross, General Manager Family, Maker Studios. “From rockers to aliens—all set at a local rec center in Echo Park, I can’t think of a fresher take on kids educational programming.”

Executed produced by Ben Cooley (GULLIVER’S TRAVELS) and Clay Tarver (“Silicon Valley”), “Meet Me at The Reck” is an original program from the Maker Family division, which includes an array of verticals across cartoons, live-action, science and education, pets, fantasy and more. All six episodes, each 5-7 minutes, will be available this fall on Maker.tv, windowed on Maker’s kids channel Cartoonium (youtube.com/cartoonium).

“I am always excited to be part of projects that are fun and educational—kids are a hugely engaged audience and this show is a direct invitation for them to participate,” said Stampylonghead. “I was also pleasantly surprised to hear that Jack Black was a fan, and couldn’t wait to meet him!”

Andrew is no stranger to children’s programming—most recently serving as host to Cartoon Network’s “Destroy Build Destroy,” the #1 rated series in its’ time-slot for male audiences. In “Meet Me at The Reck” he aims to motivate kids to get up off the couch and experience the world around them—inspiring them to build, play and take educational risks together. Each episode teaches kids how to build a project or learn a new game. Bonus do-it-yourself content will also compliment the series to encourage families to learn and play together.