LOS ANGELES, CA., December 3, 2013: Actress-producer-director Jennifer Blanc Biehn joins an all star-studded cast in the dark comedy WRONG COPS, featuring Mark Burnham and Marilyn Manson. The IFC Midnight release of WRONG COPS is produced by rockstar DJ (Mr Oizo) and auteur filmmaker Quentin Dupieux and will be released in select theaters and digital platforms on December 20, 2013.

WRONG COPS features Mark Burnham, who gained 30 pounds for the role, of a reprehensibly racist, homophobic, closeted, drug dealing, crooked cop. A “monstrously funny, out of control wild ride-along patrol”, WRONG COPS is rounded out by Eric Wareheim, Eric Roberts, Eric Judor, Steve Little, Arden Myrin, Daniel Quinn, Grace Zabriski, and Ray Wise. Film will be dropping into theatres and all digital platforms on December 20, 2013.

“I really enjoyed working with Mark on this Dupieux film,” said Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. “We had a blast filming WRONG COPS. I think Quentin is a visionary and I have great deal of respect for his work.”

Burnham has worked & trained with a select group of Hollywood A-Listers as well as producing with Blanc-Biehn Productions Michael Biehn & Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn appears in WRONG COPS as Ruth, Eric Judor’s one-track minded cuckolding neighbor who is fixated on Rough, the cop who is only interested in making music, but Ruth just can’t get enough of him.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn can next be seen in Joe Lynch’s black listed script EVERLY, starring Salma Hayek and Gabriella Wright, coming to theaters in 2014.

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Jennifer Blanc-Biehn was born and raised in New York City, attended the Professional Children’s School and has been acting consistently since she was a little girl. At the tender age of 13,Jennifer was on Broadway in Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs working alongside Jonathan Silverman, Fisher Stevens, and Robert Sean Leonard. She’s worked on Broadway and appeared in dozens of television shows and movies over the past thirty years such as Dark Angel, Party of Five, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, CSI and so much more. Jennifer recently founded her own company, Blanc/Biehn Productions, with her husband actor Michael Biehn. They currently have ten films in the pipeline for 2013-2014, and she hosts a new talk show Scared Stiff on the stream.tv. Jennifer will be in a supporting role for Salma Hayek and Gabriella Wright in Joe Lynch’s Everly, to be released in 2014 from Crimescene Pictures and Anonymous Content.


Blanc Biehn Productions is the partnership of famed actors Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. The pair decided to put their passion for acting and filmmaking together, creating their own production company. Most recently, the duo produced the Grindhouse film The Victim, which co-stars Danielle Harris. The company is finishing post-production on their film Treachery, The Night Visitor, The Girl, and the long awaited remake Hidden in The Woods. Films in currently in development are Altered Perception, Mindless, The Night Visitor 2, Psychophobia, Get Back Joe, The Sound of Thunder, and many more.