INTRODUCING ROCK PILE STUDIOS Partnership of Studio Vet Simon Swart, Bandito Brothers and Brad Pilz forms New Development, Production and Distribution Venture


-- Debut Feature Based on Life of Survivor, Paralympic Medalist and Dancing Sensation Amy Purdy -- 

NEW YORK, NY - October 14, 2015 – Rock Pile Studios is the name of a new development, production and distribution venture announced today by founding partners Scott Waugh/Bandito Brothers, Studio veteran Simon Swart, and real estate developer Brad Pilz.  Its mandate, to create inspirational and aspirational family friendly films that feature an element of action is exemplified in the first film from the new venture titled I BELIEVE IN LOVE, based on the gripping near death experience of Amy Purdy and her inspiring story of surviving and thriving, despite the loss of both of her legs.   

“Amy’s story is an inspirational, coming of age tale that celebrates the remarkable strength of the human spirit.  I BELIEVE IN LOVE is the ideal debut project for us,” said Waugh. “We know from experience and marketplace performance that there is an incredible demand for this genre of film that delivers authentic, quality entertainment that demonstrates the power of believing in dreams and daring to dream big.  There is nothing like a true story to really connect with audiences in a profound way.  We’re confident this film will do exactly that,” adds Swart.

I BELIEVE IN LOVE is a sharp and witty love story based on the exceptional true story of Amy Purdy.  At 19, Amy contracted Neisseria meningitis and within 24 hours of the first symptoms was given a mere 2% chance of surviving.  Survive she did, but the illness claimed her kidneys, spleen, part of her hearing and both of her legs.  Her love of snowboarding fueled her recovery, and despite two prosthetic legs and countless unforeseen challenges she turned herself into a world class snowboarder and  eventually into a 2014 Paralympic Medalist.   Just days after her medal winning performance on the snow she debuted on the dance floor of Hollywood, appearing  on DANCING WITH THE STARS where she and partner Derek Hough astonished a weekly audience  of 15 million and eventually became the show’s runners-up.  This inspiring story blends love, loss and an boundless resilience. Purdy serves as an executive producer on the film.

At the helm of this new endeavor is Simon Swart who championed Fox’s entry into the faith business and brings 25 years of experience in content production and distribution across multiple platforms.  Mostly recently, Swart served as Executive Vice President and General manager at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment where he oversaw the release of numerous global franchises including Alvin and the Chipmunks, AVATAR, Ice Age, STAR WARS, and many others. Along with his partners Scott Waugh with Bandito Brothers (ACT OF VALOR, NEED FOR SPEED), and Brad Pilz a Los Angeles based real estate developer;their vast knowledge, creativity and industry-wide relationships have created a true partnership that will create films that focus on universal values and appeal to all audiences.


About Rock Pile Studios

Rock Pile Studios is an innovative, independent studio that develops and distributes aspirational and inspirational stories with an action slant for all audiences.



About Bandito Brothers


Bandito Brothers is a full service content creation studio that develops and produces feature films, television, commercials, digital content and live experiences. By evolving the way stories are told and the way media is created and consumed, Bandito Brothers has grown into an award-winning, internationally recognized producer of original and branded entertainment. Recent films include ACT OF VALOR and NEED FOR SPEED.