International Bestselling Author James Frey's Next Book Series is Solid Gold


NEW YORK (September 22, 2014) — International bestselling author James Frey has created ENDGAME, an engrossing, high-stakes apocalyptic trilogy at the core of a groundbreaking multi-platform project. More than an adventure tale, ENDGAME features an interactive puzzle comprised of clues that will lead to the location of a hidden key. The first eligible reader to solve the puzzle in Endgame: The Calling—the first book in the series penned by Frey and New York Times bestselling author Nils Johnson-Shelton—and to find the key will unlock $500,000 dollars’ worth of gold, which will be on display at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas starting October 17.

The Endgame book series follows the storylines of twelve characters as catastrophic events lead them on a global quest in search of three ancient keys that will save not only their bloodlines but the world. Frey, the mastermind behind the ENDGAME project—which includes an augmented reality game created by Google’s Niantic Labs and a movie option purchased by 20th Century Fox—imagined creating an immersive universe for the ENDGAME story that would allow readers to embark on their own global quest.

“The mega puzzle included in the first book deploys technology and social media in a way that brings people beyond their borders,” says Frey. “A book can be more than what's on the page. It can take you out into the real world; it can take you out into the digital world. The stakes are not only high for the characters in ENDGAME, they are high for the readers who try to solve the puzzle too.”

Caesars Palace will showcase $500,000 worth of gold coins in a secured case inside the famed resort.. “Caesars Palace has a long history of participating in moments of significant pop culture relevance,” said Jason Gastwirth, senior vice president of marketing and entertainment for Caesars Entertainment. “Partnering with James Frey’s ENDGAME project and serving as the host site for this impressive display of gold coins allows us to deliver just the type of fun, engaging attraction experience our guests have grown accustomed to expect from Caesars Palace.”

The subsequent two books in the Endgame series will have progressively larger payouts. For the lucky reader who is the first to solve the puzzle in the second installment, the prize is $1 million dollars and a whopping $1.5 million for the third book.

ENDGAME: THE CALLING, written by international bestselling author James Frey and New York Times bestselling author Nils Johnson-Shelton, will be published on October 7th, 2014 (HarperCollins; $19.99; ISBN: 978-0-06-233255-5).