Los Angeles, CA (June 19, 2014) -Filmmaker Dave Boyle's cross-cultural mystery MAN FROM RENO received the Best Narrative Feature Award today at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival. The film follows a Japanese crime novelist (Ayako Fujitani) as she investigates a murder in San Francisco. MAN FROM RENO was produced by Ko Mori of Eleven Arts Inc and written by Dave Boyle, Joel Clark, and Michael Lerman. The film also stars veteran actor Pepe Serna (SCARFACE) and popular Japanese film & television star Kazuki Kitamura (THE RAID 2). Making its world premiere at this year's LA Film Festival, MAN FROM RENO received high praises from festival attendees and critics alike this week and became one of the festival favorites selling out both screenings.

Director Dave Boyle's reaction: "It's an incredible honor and a wonderful surprise to receive this award. The LA Film Fest experience has been so wonderful, and I didn't think it could get any better. I want to thank Doug Jones, Maggie Mackay and David Ansen for championing the film and the hard work of many people. I can't thank our cast and crew enough for believing in this project. It's an amazing feeling to see their work on the film honored this way, and a treat to receive the award from a jury of filmmakers whose work I admire so much."

Producer Ko Mori adds: "I still can't believe that we won the best narrative film at Los Angeles film Festival. I'm so honored. An independent film like ours is always not easy to be recognized to wide audience so this is so encouraging. Great work from the director Dave Boyle and the whole team! I'd like to thank LAFF to have given us this opportunity."

U.S. and select international territory rights are still available.

About Eleven Arts:
Eleven Arts Inc. was founded by CEO Ko Mori, and began life as one of the foremost sales companies for Japanese film in the worldwide market. The company since expanded into production and theatrical distribution. Titles distributed in the U.S. include Memories of Tomorrow starring Ken Watanabe, and the popular Evangelione anime series. Production titles include The Harimaya Bridge co-starring Danny Glover, which was released nationwide in Japan in 2009.

In 2011, the company opened a Japan branch (Eleven Arts Japan), and recently completed a Japanese-language homage to Charlie Chaplin's Limelight entitled Uzumasa Limelight (produced by Mori, directed by Ken Ochiai), which will be released in Japan on June 8, 2014.