NEW YORK (April 7, 2014)–Gotham-based indie film distribution company CAVU Pictures announced today that they will be releasing the documentary BREASTMILK in theatres, beginning Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 in New York City at the IFC CENTER, and Friday, May 16th, 2014 in Los Angeles with LAEMMLE THEATRES. The film will expand into additional cities throughout the summer.

 Directed and produced by first-time filmmaker Dana Ben-Ari and executive produced by Ricki Lake (THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN) and Abby Epstein (THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN), BREASTMILK is an unflinchingly provocative, humorous, informative and inspirational exploration of just how, when and why the next generation gets fed. The film dives into the fray of what really happens among new parents – those who want to breastfeed, those who can’t breastfeed and a whole culture caught up in the heady mix of stress, bliss and judgment that have made breastfeeding choices a matter of polarizing social debate.

 BREASTMILK uncovers all the most surprising and concealed aspects of what it means to have milk: from hooter hiders to work-place pumping, from career moms to gay parents, from wet nurses to sex practices, from freaked-out fathers and impassioned “lactivists” to the moms who halt breastfeeding before their infant is 6 months old. The result is an illuminating portrait of an everyday human subject rarely shown on film. Aiming beyond simplistic debates over what is natural or normal, BREASTMILK scopes out new territory. For the film is not only a revealing inquiry into our modern approach to one of the body’s most remarkable functions – it’s also an examination of how the most personal things become political and a stirring sketch of the breathtakingly diverse experience of modern parenthood itself.

CAVU Pictures’ Co-Presidents Michael Sergio & Isil Bagdadi said, “When we saw BREASTMILK at both the Woodstock Film Festival and the DOC NYC film festival, it was obvious how passionate audiences were for both the film and the subject of breastfeeding. BREASTMILK is the perfect film for audiences of all ages to feed on. Mothers, fathers, families… there’s something there for everyone. We’re excited to be working with new and emerging talent like Dana Ben-Ari."

 “I wanted to make a film about feminism and breastfeeding that focuses on the cultural contradictions and challenges that those who want to breastfeed still face. By creating a more intimate space, we are helping generate honest conversations and questions about biology, gender, sexuality and community,” said Filmmaker Dana Ben-Ari.

Executive Producer Ricki Lake added,“My producing partner Abby Epstein and I were drawn to BREASTMILK because of the way filmmaker Dana Ben-Ari approached the subject of breastfeeding through personal stories, without inserting judgment or bias. The film is refreshingly free of advocacy, quietly observed and elegantly filmed with a surprising amount of humor. We are thrilled to serve as executive producers of BREASTMILK which we believe will help continue the conversation around supporting women's choices during childbirth and beyond”.

 The deal was brokered for CAVU Pictures by CAVU’s President Michael Sergio, and for the film and its production company Aleph Pictures by executive producer Nikola Duravcevic and entertainment attorney Jonathan Gray, of Gray Krauss Stratford Des Rochers LLP