Captain America: Civil War - Thursday estimated results - Global BoxOffice - $991.0M to date


Captain America: Civil War - Thursday estimated results - Global BoxOffice -  $991.0M to date



With $314M domestic and $677M international through May 19, Captain America: Civil War will cross the $1Bn global mark today on only its 24th day of global release.


It’s the #1 film of the year globally and the fourth Marvel Cinematic Universe film to surpass the $1Bn threshold, joining The Avengers ($1.518B), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.405B), and Iron Man 3 ($1.215B).  Together, the 13 MCU films have earned over $10B in global box office, with nearly $2.1Bn coming from the three Captain America films.


Captain America: Civil War is also Disney’s 10th billion-dollar release out of the 25 films that have reached this milestone in the history of the industry.


Captain America: Civil War estimated results for Thursday May 19:


Domestic: $3.7M

Represents 5% of the weekend


Int’l:  $5.3M

Represents 6% of the weekend


Global:  $9.0M

Represents 6% of the weekend


Captain America: Civil War cumulative performance to date:


Dom GBO:           $314.3M


Int’l GBO:            $676.7M


Global GBO:       $991.0M


International cume to date by territory


to Date

China                         $166.3M

Korea                          $60.8M

UK                             $48.3M

Mexico                       $40.0M

Brazil                          $35.0M

Japan                          $23.9M

Australia                     $22.3M

France                         $20.7M

Germany                     $19.2M

Russia                        $15.5M

Taiwan                        $15.4M

Hong Kong                  $14.8M

Philippines                  $14.0M

Italy                           $11.6M

India                           $11.5M

Thailand                      $11.3M

Malaysia                     $10.3M

Spain                          $10.3M

Other                          $125.5M

Total                          $676.7M