"Captain America: Civil War" - Monday estimated results - International Global Box Office $224.3M to date


"Captain America: Civil War" enjoyed a strong Monday internationally, posting $24M for the day with many international markets having local holidays due to May Day.


Captain America: Civil War estimated results for Monday May 2:


Int’l:  $23.9M

Represents 14% of the weekend


Captain America: Civil War cumulative performance to date:


Int’l GBO:                            $224.3M


International cume to date by territory


Cume to Date

Korea                          $30.5M

UK                              $28.0M

Mexico                        $22.5M

Brazil                          $14.4M

Australia                     $11.8M

France                        $10.4M

Taiwan                        $9.0M

Hong Kong                  $8.5M

Philippines                  $8.5M

Japan                          $8.4M

Germany                     $8.4M

Thailand                      $7.4M

Malaysia                     $6.4M

Other                          $50.1M

Total                          $224.3M


Key future international openings


4 May                   Italy

5 May                   Russia

5 May                   Argentina

6 May                   China