Broken Bells Collaborates With POPfilms on Sci-Fi Short Film
"After The Disco"



Short Film "After The Disco" Stars Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara,Directed by
"The Signal" Director Jacob Gentry


LOS ANGELES, CA - Thursday, November 21, 2013 - Broken Bells--A/K/A Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton and James Mercer of The Shins--have once again collaborated with POPfilms to create a stunning science fiction short film in two parts inspired by music from their second album After The Disco, out January 14th on Columbia Records. Directed by Jacob Gentry, the two part short film, Part One: Angel And The Fool and Part Two: Holding On For Life, introduces star-crossed lovers Oliver (Anton Yelchin) and Helen (Kate Mara) as they battle space, time, and reality to be together.

POPfilms first collaborated with Broken Bells on the lauded music video The Ghost Inside, which starred Mad Men's Christina Hendricks as an astronaut suit clad space traveler. A spiritual sequel to The Ghost Inside,the short film After The Disco features a score of music from Broken Bells' sophomore album of the same name.

"Broken Bells' music is very cinematic. Like soundtracks for movies that don't exist," said director Jacob Gentry of this collaboration. "So our collaboration is one of reverse engineering. To make the movie to accompany the soundtrack."

Created by the team behind the Sundance smash hit The Signal, director Jacob Gentry and producer Alexander A. Motlagh for POPfilms, After The Disco was made in conjunction with The Creators Project (a partnership between Intel and Vice) in anticipation of the upcoming Broken Bells album release.

"Jacob Gentry really helped us to visualize our music on the first album with his video for The Ghost Inside. It turned out to be my favorite video for any music I've made, so we came to him right away with our first ideas on After the Disco," said Broken Bells' Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton. "I know James and I both have a great trust in Jacob and his vision and we love what he's done with the short film he directed. It was beautifully shot, and the actors really pulled us in. We can't wait for people to see the 2nd half and look forward to working with Jacob again."

Both parts of After The Disco are now available for viewing via the links below.


After The Disco

Part One: Angel And The Fool - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCi4F8GZVqU

Part Two: Holding On For Life - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLbwFxIQ_Mo

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Jacob Gentry Bio:


Jacob Gentry got started in the picture business at age 26 when he wrote and directed the sprawling character mosaic Last Goodbye starring Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway and the late screen legend David Carradine. The film was praised for it's editing and innovative narrative style with Variety comparing it to the works of P.T. Anderson and David Lynch. Gentry then co-wrote/produced/directed the Sundance smash The Signal, a $50,000 scifi/horrorapocalypse tale that was bought by Magnolia Pictures in a late-night bidding war for $2.3 million. Aint It Cool News said The Signal was "Quite easily the best independently made horror film in the last five years." The Signal was nominated for The John Cassavetes award at the 2009 Spirit Awards. Jacob then scored another genre success with My Super Psycho Sweet 16. Madeexclusively for MTV, this teen slasher movie satire was part John Hughes, part John Carpenter, and gave MTV its best ratings in the time slot in over a year and half. He followed it up in 2010 with the equally successful sequel Super Psycho Part 2 and The Ghost Inside clip for Broken Bellsstarring Christina Hendricks. The Sci-fi mini film was nominated for a MTV Video Music Award. Last year, Gentry delighted Super Psycho fans everywhere with the conclusion of the trilogy: My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 3, and is currently developing the mind-bending time travel thriller, Synchronicity.

About POPfilms

POPfilms is an Atlanta based producer of creative content ranging from genre based independent film to television series and movies of the week. Led by Producer Alexander A. Motlagh and Director Jacob Gentry, POPfilms has a heavy footprint in both film and TV with hits such as VH1's CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Single Ladies, and Sundance darling The Signal. After the success and cult following of The Signal, POPfilms is in development for Signal 2. POPfilms was behind MTV's 2009 film My Super Psycho Sweet 16, which sparked a franchise, with 2nd and 3rd installments. More recently, POPfilms will be producing a new pilot for VH1 called Hindsight. On the indie front, look for Joe Swanberg's 24 Exposures staring Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, The Proxy directed by Dan Bush, and Congratulations directed by Michael Burne, all produced by POPfilms.