Austin, TX - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 -The Alamo Drafthouse is known for being a movie lover's oasis, with its zero tolerance policy on cell phones and its combination of first-run movies, independent films and unique specialty programming.  At the core, the Alamo is a movie theater for movie lovers and we want to extend that welcome to families and young people.


Amy Averett has been named Director, Family and Community Engagement and is leading the new area of programming.  Amy has been with the Alamo since 2010, leading community programs and private events department.


"The average age for attendees of the ballet, the symphony, the opera and even the cinema is rising," says Alamo founder and CEO Tim League.  "I got into this business because I loved going to the cinema at a young age.  As the Alamo expands, our primary mission is to share our love of (and respect for) cinema, from blockbusters to classics to foreign film, with young people.  Promoting Amy to this position is the first important step to achieving this goal."


Alamo is expanding several areas of programming including:

· Film Education - Alamo is partnering with local arts organizations to offer special screenings for young filmmakers and cinema lovers. "There are numerous programs teaching kids how to make their own films, but fewer opportunities to learn film appreciation, terminology and to develop a critical eye as consumers," said Amy Averett.  "Young people are surrounded by media, and we want to play a role in helping them grow into sophisticated thinkers."

· Alamo Drafthouse NEXT- Inspired by a recent interaction on Reddit with a 17 year old who wanted to attend Godard's Goodbye to Language instead of the Superbowl, we will be modifying our long-standing age policy of no unaccompanied teens.  Now select teens will be allowed to attend without a parent at a discounted admission if they are approved for the program and agree to our policies.

· Family Friendly Scheduling - Looking at the new release and special programming calendars to make sure families can join in the fun and adding daytime programming on school holidays.

· New Release Special Events - Alamo will present a special family event every month themed around the most anticipated new releases.  Click here for photos from past family events  Next up:  CINDERELLA Royal Ball and MONKEY KINGDOM.

· Direct Social Media Channel - Alamo will share upcoming programming, film reviews, and gather feedback from Alamo parents via a targeted Facebook group.

· Kids Camp - Free or low-cost screenings of family favorites, which reach thousands of families each year.

Action Pack for Teens - Alamo's interactive parties will be tailored for a PG-13 crowd.