“Preacher” extends Sony TV’s Commitment to ABQ, Set to film at ABQ Studios




Albuquerque, NM – January 22, 2016 – The New Mexico Film Office has announced that the series for “Preacher”,produced by Sony Pictures Television and airing on AMC, will film in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and at Albuquerque Studios (ABQ), making it the third Sony television series currently filming at the studios.

The two other television series are hit AMC drama “Better Call Saul,” which has filmed 20 episodes to date, and NBC medical drama “The Night Shift” that has filmed 22 episodes. ABQ Studios was also home to all 66 episodes of the award-winning series “Breaking Bad,” meaning that Sony Television has produced more than 100 hours of television drama at ABQ Studios.

Supernatural drama “Preacher”is an upcoming series developed by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and Sam Caitlin. The show stars Dominc Cooper (“Captain America: The First Avenger,” “Need for Speed”), Ruth Negga (“World War Z,” “The Samaritan”), Joseph Gilgun (“This is England,” “Lockout”), Elizabeth Perkins (“Big,” “Weeds”) and Lucy Griffiths (“Winter’s Tale,” “Robin Hood”). The series was officially picked up on Sept. 9, 2015, with a ten-episode order and is scheduled to premiere mid-2016. The pilot for the series was filmed in Albuquerque last fall.

“Our clients keep coming back because there are so many established businesses to support production that they know they can count on,” said Wayne Rauschenberger, Chief Operating Officer of Albuquerque Studios. “We have seen resident crew members that started on Breaking Bad over seven years ago now move up to become heads of departments.  It has been a pleasure to watch them grow with experience.  We see the same faces on the lot again and again as many crew members get hired from one show to the next and it keeps them very busy year round.”

“Preacher”is an adaption of the comic book series of the same name that centers around Jesse Custer (Cooper), a conflicted preacher in a small Texas town who is inhabited by a powerful entity, giving him the ability to make anyone do anything he says.

“The average one hour television episode spends well over $1 million on New Mexico resident crew and with local businesses of every kind,” said Hal Katersky, co-founder of Pacifica Ventures, which built and manages Albuquerque Studios. “The vibrant crew base, diverse locations across the state and state-of-the-art stages make it attractive to producers from all the major studios.”

With the huge popularity of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” the state has seen an uptick in film tourism, most notably the in-demand Breaking Bad Tours that now includes locations from “Better Call Saul” as well. “Better Call Saul” had a record number of viewers during the premiere and recently wrapped its second season at ABQ Studios, set to premiere on AMC in February 2016.

The film industry has had a significant fiscal impact on New Mexico’s economy over the past few years, and these successful new shows help the growing trend.

“The combination of large feature films, such as Independence Day 2, with the steady stream of television has allowed me to grow my business by adding staff and bringing on a partner, Crystal McLearney,” said Joyce Smith, founder of Studio Concierge at ABQ Studios. “Because of the nature of my business, I work with many other local businesses to support productions everywhere in New Mexico and I am witness to the strong fiscal impact of film production for local hotels, restaurants, home rentals and more. I couldn’t be more excited to work with Preacher.”



About Albuquerque Studios:

Pacifica Ventures developed, designed and has managed Albuquerque Studios since its inception. Opened in 2007, the state-of-the-art production facility features eight of the largest sound stages in North America and has hosted such world-class productions as Fox’s Independence Day: Resurgence, Marvel’s The Avengers, and all six seasons of Sony’s multiple Emmy award winning series Breaking Bad.  The Company plans to add to more sound stages to the bustling facility commencing in Spring 2016.  Pacifica also developed and designed Sun Center Studios outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which opened in September 2011, and forthcoming projects in Connecticut, Georgia and the U.K.  The company’s primary focus is on the worldwide acquisition, development, and operation of production facilities for film and television, serving the major Hollywood studios, the world’s most successful independent producers, and all members of the entertainment community who create, finance, produce and distribute media content. Their mission is to become the dominant provider of first-class, technologically advanced entertainment production facilities in the world.